The project’s objective

This project has provided the opportunity to build a partnership between 7 European fundamental research institutions interested in skyrmion-based devices and spintronics in general.

The final goal of the three year-long MAGicSky project is to manipulate skyrmions individually in devices at room-temperature.

The future spin-based technology

The stability and the size of the skyrmions will eventually lead to the creation of the next generation very high density information storage, breaking though the barriers set by current technology. This could  eventually allow the industrialisation of storage devices in which the bits could be spaced down a few nanometers, i.e. the order of magnitude of the skyrmion diameter. Compared to recent HDD or SSD storage devices, there is no limitation related to mechanical parts in the state-of-the-art technology. Particle-like properties of these nanoscale structures should highly improve the stability of the bits, as well as the speed and efficiency of the writing and reading process of information. Furthermore, as skyrmions should be created and manipulated with low-density current, skyrmion-based devices will hopefully allow a drop of the energy consumption compared to the nowadays magnetic-based devices.